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Andrew and Jenny Brown have been mixed animal vets for 35 years and have considerable experience and skillsets. 16 of those years has been in Birdwood as Adelaide Hills vets. They enjoy helping all animals by therapy and surgery and have recently acquired latest technology to continue on their life's work. 

Services are provided in their Birdwood vet clinic or during property visits at any times including after hours - by arranging appointment on 08 85685034. This includes emergency vet services. They assist clients to formulate effective action plans to help all animals from dogs and wildlife to horses and livestock. 

Services are provided throughout the Adelaide Hills and environs.

Andrew and Jenny Brown, 
Birdwood Vets

PO Box 424, 
63 Cromer Road, Birdwood SA 5234

(08) 8568 5034


Andrew and Jenny Brown Vet
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